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recorded 2014-2016 at Fort Hazel, Boise ID
many thanks to all those friends, family, and musicians who helped along the way


released June 28, 2016

Grant Olsen - vocals, synthesizers, drum machines, guitar, bass, percussion, bouzouki, electric piano
Tristan Andreas - synthesizers, drum machines, bass, percussion, dulcimer, scanner

Andy Rayborn - baritone sax [08]
Annie Berical - vocals [02]
Bijouxx - vocals [03]
Brett Netson - guitar [09]
Eric DeWitt - tenor sax [02] [05]
Hiroshi Abe - percussion [03] [10]
Lara Harper - vocals [01]

Mell Dettmer - Mastering
Shawn Records - Photos (www.shawnrecords.org)
Grant Olsen - Cover Design

© 2016 Phantahex
Fort Hazel
1400 W Hill Rd
Boise ID 83702



all rights reserved


Phantahex Boise, Idaho

Phantahex has been performing since 2012. Tristan Andreas and Grant Olsen play improvised electronic music. Analog synthesizers and custom built electro-acoustic instruments can be found.

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Track Name: Wake
This is where the grass waves,
This is where I awoke.
With a pillow of sand
Where the tide meets the shore.

You can hear the waves crash
On a beach you've never known.
You can feel oh so lonely
Oh so far from home.

This is where the physical memory of loss and
The fear is faded
I arrive at a loss.

This is where the grass waves,
This is where the tide meets the shore.

I'm tired.
I'll wait.
Track Name: Dream House
The air is pleasant with sun,
Ripe with breath.
And I've never seen you glow
Like it's never time to go home

I want to be loved by you!

This light holds,
Some summer days the sun refuses to set wherever we are.

Filled with light
I'm waiting for you,
You're waiting for me.
Track Name: Can a Body Move?
Sweat, skin, shake, shake, shake

Can a body move?

Tight, repeat,
Hold tight.

Can a body move?

How many times,
Why ask,
Can a body move?

Many times,
In dreams times,
Can a body move?

Many times, dream times,
No more questions
Only times,
Hold tight,
Handle hands,
How many times?

TIght skin,
Handle hands shake,
Body touch teeth,
Hold tight,

Can a body move?

Hold held handle hands,
Can a body move?

Why ask can a body move?

Track Name: Radiant Light
In a radiant world,
A line from me to you,
Shapes that face from stage to stage.

A light that shines,
Through a long night's drive,
We both arrive
In radiant light.

I'm like you.
I've always been like you.

We face our shapes,
With no further to drive,
Shapes that face from stage to stage.

I'm like you.
I've always been like you.
We both arrive
In radiant light.
Track Name: Perfect Feeling
It won't be cold forever,
Let's go.

Lean closer,
So tightly that
I can feel the frayed threads from your cuff.

I've never known exactly what
Worked the wear on your sleeve so.

To live in this moment
Of there before we reached the end of all.
This world and the next one and
The world is where the end of where we are.

Travel forbidden,
We're running out of light,
And there's no way to go on.
We watched for days
The rain was
In full bloom.

The perfect feeling.
Track Name: The Lion Strikes
A breath of air
In a world of flight
It fits with skin
It fits so tight
Our world of motion
To coil
To strike.

Our curves of skin
In dark, in light
Stay centered,
Move left,
Coil and strike.

Our bodies stay centered,
We coil and strike.

A world of motion
In dark, in light
The love, the reach, the length of spine,
And strike.

Curves of skin,
In dark, in light,
Hold your body in close and tight.
Track Name: Push
Push toward our world.
Pluck us from sand.
Place us atop the mountain.
Place us in our new world.

Our job is better done frozen.
With this much ice.

How much blood do you want?
And do you want my blood?

The pulse and the push
And the failure to love
We sit and wait
And we only hope for blood,
Our blood.

Our job is never done.

Please place us atop the mountain!
Please place us in our new world!
Track Name: Birds of Thought
What have you seen?
And how much is left?
I've seen you cover your mouth,
Trapping birds of thought.

Lie down beside, for a world of free thought.
At least a single free thought.
Track Name: In Blood
The blue arrives
So hollow with ice
The world of equal
Is not for us.

A fortune to pry
The winds will rise
The world is equal
Only in blood.
Track Name: Ocean/Dust
Under control,
Out of control.

A world to be sighted,
A sail to aim,
Camera on the table
We translate titles from language
We'll never hear again.

Power is in everything,
Power is in all of us,
I am the ocean,
I am the dust.

We find a landscape
In other people's dreams.
We make a world.

Under control,
Out of control.

Power is in everything,
Power is in all of us,
I am the ocean,
I am the dust.